Main activities

• Support environmental friendly programs like “No Till System”, using crops rotation and green fertilizer to recover the soil properties.

• Development of scientific research, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and International Agencies, to improve the grain and seeds quality (Canadian Grain Commission), the soil fertilization, soybean disease control and improvement of winter crops (wheat).

• Assumes the leadership role across negotiations with local authorities or any state to obtain funding to the soybean complex for using the public and private banking credit lines, influencing the tax and economic policy by means of an active trade-union participation.

• To cooperate integrally in the care and defence of the member’s interest, exercising legal representation in mutually benefiting negotiations.

• Search for new markets for the soybean, wheat, corn, sunflower and canola complex.

• Negotiate market access in strong coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• To stimulate the transport fluency by road, river and railroad, following up the export corridors situation and improving the logistics.

• Simplification and facilitation of export formalities, at frontier, to reduce export costs.

• To accompany its members, when needed, in freight tariff negotiations, as for road or fluvial transport lines.

CAPECO constantly drives the flow in the transport, both road and river and rail, through export routes that span the MERCOSUR. Manage Freeport silos of Paranagua in Brazil, with a capacity to store 166,000 tons of grain and loading capacity to overseas ships of 2,500 tons per hour.

In Ciudad del Este, has a dry port that offers services to control the member’s export products where offices has been established as customs, port, private custom officers etc. The export trucks parking area has capacity for 1,500 units with support of all services.

In Salto del Guairá, frontier with Brazil, has a truck parking area with capacity for 200 units, registering an annual movement of 250,000 trucks and where is waited there to work and integrated custom export/import controls with Brazil.